The 3 Most Mesmerizing Attributes Of A Timber Home Frame

Timber Frame Home Project

The Timber Home’s Frame

Choosing a timber frame home over other forms of residential construction gives a homeowner visual ties to culture and human ingenuity. The construction and joinery methods of a timber home’s frame have touched each part of the world, with every culture adding its own unique methods.

Some woodworking skills used in custom home construction transcend cultures because of their reliability or beauty. Some are still prominent today. Here are three beautiful aspects of a timber home’s frame.

The Joinery

When examining a smaller piece of carpentry like a table or dresser, one notices that the nicer pieces have detailed and often fancy methods of joining wood together. The same holds for timber frame construction. When done by a master carpenter, they can look beautiful and perplex the mind.

Each joint has more history and craftsmanship than a nail or steel bracket ever will. Nothing is stronger or more aesthetically pleasing than mortise and tenon joined together with a round or square peg.

Post And Beam Construction

Much of today’s construction is designed around weight supporting walls and enclosed panels. In contrast, post and beam construction allows for more open spaces. The posts and beams themselves are often the best-looking part of the home. Exposed beams in ceilings, whether stained or painted, often add a comfortable feel. Posts can also be centerpieces for a stairwell or entry. Either can have molding put on to whatever degree is desired. Whether opulence or country charm is your cup-of-tea, it’ll be custom, one-of-a-kind woodwork either way.

Wrap Your Timber Home's Frame With Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

SIPs are proven to be one of the most effective home insulation methods. They now offer a new protection element, which extends durability. The newest SIPs are now protected against biological elements, including fungal decay and wood-boring/eating insects!

The combination of closed-cell foam and the continuous panelized system around the post and beam timber frame virtually eliminates thermal bridging and energy loss. SIPs offer up to 60% energy savings compared to the standard 2×6 wall construction of a conventionally framed home.

Many people say the combination of a Timber Home’s Frame and SIPs is a match made in heaven.

The Comfort Of A Timber Home's Frame

Though it’s hard to describe, everyone understands the comfort of wood and the elegance of a timber home’s frame. Wood grains are a staple on cabinets, doors, floors, and panels. When posts and beams are stained and finished, they can dramatically add to that mystical feeling of comfort. Some people are not so interested in the wood finish but get the same sense from the solid construction that is the staple of a timber frame home. Wrapped in SIPs, Timber Frame Homes are also much quieter than their conventional counterparts and virtually air-tight. 

Those who want to become a homeowner should consider the long-term benefits of a timber frame home. Though these types of homes may cost a bit more per square foot, there is a definite payoff regarding energy efficiency and contentment later on in life.

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