Higher Performance.
System Built Homes.

High-performance homes are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Energy expenses in the US are rising, and efficiency is directly correlated with affordability.

Learn how we are working to disrupt the housing market through the thoughtful design and prefabrication of high-performance kit homes across the United States.

Our mission is to provide builders and homeowners nationwide with the most comprehensive, high-performance home-building kit possible. Ultimately addressing the decline of skilled trade with 21st-century manufacturing to provide quality and consistency, resulting in healthier, more efficient homes constructed to stand the test of time.

Health & Comfort

In the United States, 1 in every 50 housing units is substandard. This means that approximately 4.7 million households live in a home that doesn’t meet basic living standards, creating a threat to health and safety.

What is a Healthy Home?

A healthy home is designed, built, and maintained to support the health of the occupant.

A healthy home is achieved through modern building techniques that help protect indoor air quality, control water and energy use, reduce waste and toxins in building materials, and increase physical accessibility.

A Healthy Home is A Comfortable Home

Comfort is often categorized in two ways; physical and emotional comfort. We strive to check all boxes within both categories with every kit we design and produce.

We view every home as a system and work to integrate design, material, and mechanical to achieve unparalleled comfort at an affordable price. Emotional comfort is addressed through thoughtful planning, ensuring that the design addresses all of your goals and desires for the home’s short and long-term life. Physical comfort is addressed through the use of modern building materials and techniques, resulting in a genuinely high-performance structure. 

Ultimately, we work one-on-one with each client to ensure that the result is not only aesthetically pleasing but also efficient, accessible and built to stand the test of time.

How We Can Help Control Indoor Air Quality

Clean indoor air is the product of an air-tight building with proper ventilation. We work with SIPs (structural insulated panels) to help our clients nationwide achieve a more air-tight building envelope. 

SIP Wall & Roof Panels provide continuous insulation throughout the entire exterior envelope of the structure, eliminating any unwanted air infiltration.

As we work with our clients to design the homes of their dreams, we provide guidance to ensure that the proper ventilation systems are installed to allow excess moisture and contaminants to leave the house and for fresh air to enter. 

EPA Indoor airPLUS Potential

With diligent assembly and commitment from the builder & homeowner, we can help you achieve EPA Indoor Air Plus certification on your next project!

What is EPA Indoor airPlus?

“Indoor airPLUS is a voluntary partnership and labeling program that helps new home builders improve Indoor Air Quality by requiring construction practices and product specifications that minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants.” –  United States Environmental Protection Agency

Interior rendering of a modern mountain style home kit designed for healthy living.

High Performance

The Average SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) Home is 74% More Energy Efficient Than A Standard New Construction Home in the United States

Image of a HERS index showcasing the efficiency of a SIP-built home compared to a traditional home.

What is a High Performance Home?

A high-performance home is a home that is designed and built as efficiently as possible—starting with an air-tight building envelope and working inwards with a focus on electrical, mechanical, and ventilation. 

High-performance home building has historically been categorized as a luxury, but with shifting energy code standards, it is now becoming a necessity. 

Why is High Performance Important?

Long Term Affordability

As energy expenses throughout the United States increase year over year, efficiency and affordability go hand in hand. Building with SIPs can help dramatically increase the overall efficiency of a structure, reducing energy usage and correlated energy expenses by up to 74%. 

Superior Living Environment

Aside from affordability, high-performance homes provide an unparalleled living environment for the occupant. Sound-proofing and absorption, consistent indoor climate, and healthy indoor air all contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable space in the short and long term. 

The Value of High Performance Home Building

There is more value than meets the eye in a high performance home. Green apprasials have been conducted on numerous homes across the United States, helping builders & homeowners obtain an increase in valuation from 1-10% based on their high-performance features. 

Learn more about Green Appraisals from the real-estate experts at Green Energy Money. 

Helping You Achieve High Performance

Our goal is to provide you, as the builder or homeowner, with the proper foundation to construct a high performance home. In order to achieve the best possible results, it takes a commitment from both parties. 

Included in our kit is an air-tight building envelope with continous closed cell foam insulation. We will also help guide you through the planning and selection of mechanical, and electrical systems, but ultimately, that falls on you and the builder seeing your project through to construction. 

Visit our Guide to Green Building and start planning your next project!

Sustainably Sourced

It is said that, in conjunction with renewable forestry practices, timber is the only wholly sustainable construction material on the market.

Sustainably Sourced Wood Products

Our timber framing components are sourced locally, near our headquarters in Estacada, from sustainably managed Douglas Fir forests.

A managed forest replants at minimum as many trees as harvested, but often much more. This concludes that a managed forest is an even superior fighter of CO2 than an undisturbed forest! Additionally, trees absorb more carbon while young and growing compared to aging timbers.

Sustainable timbers have the lowest embodied energy compared to other building materials, such as masonry, steel, or aluminum. The processing is more favorable and produces far fewer harmful emissions such as: VOCs, SO2, CO, Hydrocarbons, etc.

Timbers also do not emit CO2 after harvesting. Therefore, unless there is rotting or burning of the wood, the embodied carbon never leaves. Learn more about the benefits of building with sustainable wood products in our article: “Sustainable Building in 2023.”

Sustainbly Sourced SIP Panels & Insulation

We work hand in hand with Extreme Panel, the industry leader in SIP (structural insulated panel) technologies, to provide the most sustainably sourced panel on the market. Extreme Panel goes above and beyond from start to finish throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that the components are not only sustainably sourced but also reused and recycled to their fullest ability, resulting in nearly zero waste. 

SIPs are constructed using two primary materials; OSB Sheathing and Closed Cell EPS (expanded polystyrene) Insulation.

The structural OSB sheathing used in the panels is sourced from sustainably managed, fast-growth forests in the continental US. CNC fabrication of the OSB sheet reduces waste by ensuring precision and accuracy with every cut. 

The expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core used in a SIP wall and roof system is among the world’s most recyclable insulating materials. EPS can be ground and recycled into numerous different consumer goods, such as food packaging. In the SIPs manufacturing process, the EPS cut from the panel during prefabrication is ground up and reused to fabricate the next panel.

A large stack of lumber beside a foresty road in central Oregon.

System Built

“Trade availability continues to get worse year over year, with no meaningful solution on the horizon… Offsite construction presents a huge opportunity to resolve this pain point.” – Sam Rashkin

CNC machine used to prefabricate timber frame components included in timber frame home and cabin kits supplied by Integrity Timber Frame.

Streamlined Construction Timelines

Integrity Timber Frame’s materials system has specifically been designed to reduce the time it takes to construct a home. Utilizing off-site, climate-controlled manufacturing facilities, we prefabricate the timbers, SIPs, interior walls, roof framing, and rafters before delivery.

Ultimately, reducing the trade and labor requirements on a typical job site, and streamlining the assembly process by 20-60% when compared to a stick-built home. The system is a perfect solution if you are looking to build ASAP or are building in an area with a short construction season.

At A Glance:

  • Frame up to 60% Faster w/ Prefabricated Wall Panels Spanning From 8′-24′ in Length & 4′-8′ in Width
    • Reduce Framing Labor on Avg 25%
  • Pre-Insulated w/ Base R-Value of R-26 Closed Cell Foam Insulation
    • Compare w/ National Avg at $5-$11 Per Sq Ft (6″ Including Installation)
  • Electrical Chases Pre-Drilled at 17.5″ & 44″ in Wall Panels & Pre-Drilled Per Plans in Roof Panels
  • Engineered OSB Sheathing Allows for Streamlined Install of Drywall, Cabinetry, & Interior Trim

Reduced Job Site Waste

Off-site manufacturing of building products dramatically reduces the overall waste associated with new construction. Lumber is cut with precision accuracy on a CNC machine, and delivered to the job site as ready to assemble pieces. Therefore, each compnent that lands on the job site is utilized, leaving nothing to waste, besides the packaging. 

Signature Support

From our easy-to-follow installation guide to our thorough builder assistance, we will be around until your home is built and built right.

Skilled trades have declined over the years and not every area in the nation has an experienced timber framer. This potential concern is entirely erased with our TrueFit system. Any reputable builder can construct one of our materials packages.

Prior to delivery, we will arrange a builder assistance meeting with your General Contractor. All expectations will be clearly communicated and any questions will be answered. This process is to ensure your builder is confident in their role, and understands how we can be of support throughout the project. 

Not only will you be 100% satisfied with your decision to choose Integrity Timber Frame, but your builder will also know you made a wise choice as well.

Start with a Plan and Build with Integrity.

A primary residence, place to retire, vacation cabin, or maybe you have some property and are dreaming of building a multi-structure hunting or fishing resort. Let’s talk!