Value of Integrity Timber Frame

Design Freedom

Do you like our solutions but love a home on your Pinterest board? We can design it, engineer the plans, and roll it into a prefabricated timber frame and SIPs package


Bring us your own personal design and allow us to engineer and fabricate a custom materials package, just as if you selected one of the models on our website.


Lastly, if you have a unique idea rolling around in your brain, we can proceed with a custom design option that can still result in a prefabricated materials system.


No matter which approach best suits you, the end product is a superior, more efficient home of the highest quality available.

Our goal is to bring your dream to life—not force you into one of ours.

Premium Timbers

Timber framing is easily identified, starting with large dimensional timbers. The mortise and tenon joinery is the real giveaway, as the all-wood connection components produce both timeless strength and beauty.

At Integrity Timber Frame, we use select grade, free-of-heart-center Douglas Fir; these timbers are kiln dried to reduce warping, cracking, and twisting.

An optional swap to post and beam framing employs steel connection brackets for an industrial contrast to the rustic wood.

Each timber is carefully scrutinized before chosen, hand selected for the best visual grain possible. The individual components are prefabricated for precision yet still get a handcrafted touch by our experts.


It is said that, in conjunction with renewable forestry practices, timber is the only wholly sustainable construction material on the market.

A managed forest replants at minimum as many trees as harvested, but often much more. This concludes that a managed forest is an even superior fighter of CO2 than an undisturbed forest!

Additionally, trees absorb more carbon while young and growing compared to aging timbers.

Sustainable timbers have the lowest embodied energy compared to other building materials such as masonry, steel, or aluminum. The processing is more favorable and produces far fewer harmful emissions such as: VOCs, SO2, CO, Hydrocarbons, etc.

Timbers also do not emit CO2 after harvesting. Unless there is rotting or burning of the wood, the embodied carbon never leaves.

Our system’s advantages are plentiful, but it also has a tremendous benefit to the planet. Prefabricated timbers reduce job site waste, equipment rental, construction time, and the environmental impact of transport overall, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of your build. 

Scraps from prefabricated timbers are recycled for many uses and applications, resulting in zero waste. 

Our SIPs offer a considerable benefit to your energy savings, especially in regard to consumption. Research indicates that over 90% of the building’s impact on the environment can be attributed to operation and energy consumption.


SIPs are proven to be one of the most effective methods of home insulation. The combination of closed-cell foam, and the continuous panlized system around the structural envelope virtually eliminates thermal bridging and energy loss.

Structurally insulated panels offer up to 60% energy savings when compared to the standard 2×6 wall construction of a typical home. SIP homeowners average an energy payback period of 5.1 years, and in some climate zones can experience this return in as low as 2.7 years. 

As icing on the cake, SIPs meet many green and energy certifications which often qualify homeowners for federal and local energy tax credits.


Integrity Timber Frame’s materials system has specifically been designed to reduce the time it takes to construct a home. The timbers, SIPs, interior walls, roof framing, and rafters are all prefabricated prior to delivery.

A home kit from Integrity Timber Frame is intended to be assembled 20-60% faster than a stick-built home.

Before this takes place, we also commit to fast turnaround times on your design and engineered plans. We can work with you closely to ensure that, upon an initial commitment to your project with us, we achieve all of your goals, including a timeline.

Our system is a perfect solution if you are looking to build ASAP or are building in an area with a short construction season.

Signature Support

From our easy-to-follow installation guide to our thorough builder assistance, we will be around until your home is built and built right.

Skilled trades have declined over the years and not every area in the nation has an experienced timber framer. This potential concern is entirely erased with our TrueFit system. Any reputable builder can construct one of our materials packages.

Prior to delivery, we will arrange a builder assistance meeting with your General Contractor. All expectations will be clearly communicated and any questions will be answered. This process is to ensure your builder is confident in their role, and understands how we can be of support throughout the project. 

Not only will you be 100% satisfied with your decision to choose Integrity Timber Frame, but your builder will also know you made a wise choice as well.

Start with a Plan and Build with Integrity.

A primary residence, place to retire, vacation cabin, or maybe you have some property and are dreaming of building a multi-structure hunting or fishing resort. Let’s talk!