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Taking Your Concept to Construction - Bringing Your Vision To Life

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Project Discovery

We'll first get to know each other, & make sure ITF is a solid fit for your construction project.

Architectural Design

Next, we will engage in interactive online design meetings to ensure your goals are met.

Structural Engineering

Your plans will be engineered to ensure all the local code requirements are satisfied.

Fabrication & Delivery

Your materials are prefabricated per plans, and a delivery date is scheduled on the job site.

Step 1: Project Discovery

The First Step In Designing a Timber Home

Before we can get started on your project, we need to get to know each other, establish a relationship, and ensure our building system is the right fit for your project goals.

After browsing through our Timber Home Designs and reading up on the materials included in our Timber Home Kits, you should be ready to start the conversation. Get a FREE Consultation to get things rolling.

Once we have received your information, an ITF project manager will get in touch to begin the discovery process.

Throughout the conversation, we’ll discuss your overall project goals and your unique needs and desires to ensure we are a good fit.

During these initial meetings, whether via phone or e-mail, we will browse through your Pinterest boards, inspiration photo galleries, and even hand-drawn sketches to make sure we know just what you’re after.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your goals, your ITF project manager will construct a design agreement specific to your project. Assuming all the details of our proposal are acceptable and the deal is signed, we can begin putting pen to paper!

Cover image of the ITF timber frame design catalog for 2023.
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Step 2: Architectural Design

Initial Design Meeting – Design Kickoff

With a design agreement signed, we can add your project to our design queue and begin scheduling our initial design meeting. During the initial design meeting, you will be introduced to your dedicated designer, who will see your project through to completion.

We’ll review the information passed on by your ITF project manager (who will be involved in the meeting as well) to ensure all parties are on the same page. As a team, you’ll work with your designer and project manager to make sure that all of the essential criteria are set in stone so that we can begin drafting the first set of plans.

The initial design meeting is typically held online using video call software so that we can meet face to face, no matter where you are located in the US

Initial Concept & Hand Sketch

Hand sketch of a modern timber frame home prior to using any computer software for precision accuracy.

Client Review & Design Modification

During our client review meetings, we focus on ensuring that your vision comes to light the way you have always imagined. Our design team utilizes 3D rendering and visualization tools to help walk you through the structure.

You’ll be able to refine each aspect of the design at this point, whether it is the floor plan, exterior elevations, or simply the style of timber frame truss.

Once you feel that the design fits precisely your project goals, we can begin on the construction documents, structural engineering, and material fabrication

Finalized Front Elevation

Black and white front elevation of a 2,000 square foot modern timber frame home.

Step 3: Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering 

ITF Internal review

During this time, our designers are working diligently with our timber framer, structural insulated panel partner, and window and door representative to ensure every component of your home is designed to spec and ready to assemble.

Internally we go through every element from the foundation to the roof to ensure our TrueFit System is ready for structural engineering. All window and door openings are accounted for and precisely specified. SIPs shop drawings are placed around the timber frame components, ensuring the TrueFit System is 100%.

Once that internal review is complete, your plans are ready for structural engineering.

Engineering Services For All 50 States

Whether your county or local jurisdiction requires a permit for your build or not, we make sure your plans meet all building code requirements for your area.

Those requirements include but are not limited to seismic zone, snow loads, wind loads, and soil pressure bearing regarding your foundation. The engineering phase can be a somewhat quiet period but a great time to dive into your county’s permit requirements.

Blurred out specifications used as an example of the strcutral engineering on our home designs.
Example of Call-Outs & Qualification

Step 4: Fabrication and Delivery

CNC Material Prefabrication

The exterior framing components are cut first with a CNC (computer numerical control) Machine programmed specifically for your design. The CNC ensures that all the individual wooden components are cut accurately, eliminating any waste.

The interior framing, sub, and loft floor systems are cut using the same process but are not required. Some builders prefer to cut the components to length on the job site. We will discuss with your chosen builder which option they would like.

Windows and doors are prefabricated per plans, typical with any new construction project. Exterior siding and trim are prefinished but not cut to length so that the builder can make any precision adjustments on site.

Delivery & Assembly

Your ITF Project manager will be in contact with you and your builder to schedule the delivery of your kit.

The interior and exterior framing components will arrive on the job site first. Ideally, the foundation has already been poured, and the crew is prepared to assemble the package when the truck comes.

The remaining components of your material package (exterior siding, trim, windows, and doors) are scheduled to arrive just shortly after the timbers and sips are erected. We offset the delivery of these components to ensure that the job site is not over-cluttered or busy with materials.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call. We are happy to chat. 

Step 5: Construction

Play Video about Image of the front view of a 2 bed 1 bath timber frame and SIP panel cabin with white siding and dark wooden elements for contrast.

Construction Services

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