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About Integrity Timber Frame

We’ve developed a unique system that combines architectural design from a builder’s perspective with the highest quality building materials and a refreshing approach to project planning and execution. Our goal is to build bold energy-efficient, and sustainable homes at an accelerated pace. As a result, we aim to transform residential building practices and change how the construction industry builds homes.

We bring a passion for the art of timber framing, contemporary design, conservation, and sustainability from the Pacific Northwest. We value the relationships we build with our clients—which is why our project managers give everything they have to build trust and deliver on our promises.

Most of all, however, we focus on the company’s core value and namesake—which is having absolute integrity at all times. It’s incredible what ‘absolute integrity’ brings from each team member and every project we complete.

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A primary residence, place to retire, vacation cabin, or maybe you have some property and are dreaming of building a multi-structure hunting or fishing resort. Let’s talk!